Gulf O Flex Rubber Insulation Products Suppliers in Dubai,UAE

Gulf O Flex is the established to manufacture a broad and flexible range of technically advanced rubber insulation products.RWI is the part of the Shaikhani group of companies, a leading UAE national company that has been the market leaders in the entire field of the gulf & South East Asia
Ultimate Trading is the one of the best Gulf o Flex rubber insulation products suppliers in Dubai,UAE.We are the top supplier & distributor of best brands like Jaguar,Grohe,Rak Ceramics in Dubai which supplies sanitaryware,angle valves,flexible hose etc..    
gulf-o-flex rubber insulation supplier in dubai

Guld-O-Flex Accessories

Aluminium Tape Gulf o Flex

Aluminium Tape

Canvas Cloth Gulf o Flex

Canvas Cloth

Duct Tape 1 Gulf o Flex

Duct Tape

Flexible Insulated Duct Gulf o Flex

Flexible Insulated Duct

Flexible Uninsulated Duct Gulf o Flex

Flexible Uninsulated Duct

Glue Gulf o Flex

AC Duct Glue

Metal Sandwich Pad Gulf o Flex

Metal Sandwich Pad

PVC Tape Gulf o Flex

PVC Tape

Acrylic Sealant Gulf o Flex

Acrylic Sealant