Sundex Sanitaryware and Bathroom Fittings in Dubai,UAE

Sundex is one of the leading brand in sanitary ware and bathroom fittings. We keep developing and innovating, offering a wide range of products and services that help our customers achieve their ambitions.

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Bathroom / Kitchen

Stop Valve D055 Sundex

Stop Valve D055

Single Lever Mixer GR03 Sundex

Single Lever Mixer GR03

Pillar Tap SN3058 Sundex

Pillar Tap SN3058

Fancy Faucet HotCold SN2409 Sundex

Fancy Faucet Hot&Cold SN2409

Double Handle MIxer SN017 Sundex

Double Handle Mixer SN017

CP Hose Cock Valve CP100 Sundex

CP Hose Cock Valve CP100

Drain Waste PW914 Sundex

Drain Waste PW914


Drain Waste & Spindle with Cartridge SD3412

Float Valve Brass FV034 Sundex

Float Valve Brass (FV034)

Gate Valve Brass GT034 Sundex

Gate Valve Brass (GT034)

Bidel Pipe SS Sundex

Bidel Pipe SS

Basin Screw Kit Sundex

Basin Screw Kit

Angle Valve 7272 Sundex

Angle Valve 7272

Accessories YH012 Sundex

Accessories YH012