Wingrou Supplier In UAE

WINGROU Pipe Technology Co, a UK based manufacturer of Grooved Mechanical Piping products and Valves with international sales and distribution serving the needs across diverse business lines like Fire Protection, Utility Piping, HVAC, Mining, Plumbing, Oil and Gas, Marine and Industrial Markets. WINGROU Fittings and Valves, delivers a complete suite of grooved piping solutions for a full range of Fire Protection, Mechanical, HVAC, Commercial, Mining, Plumbing, and Industrial applications.

Available products offer contractors, engineers, and distributors faster, more cost-effective tools for joining pipes over traditional welding methods. These products include grooved couplings and fittings, valves, strainers, stainless steel and Malleable Iron threaded Fittings, and comprehensive, competitively priced engineering and planning support services.

We aim to manufacture and supply the highest quality products to customers worldwide with an unmatched level of customer service at a superior value. In addition to these hallmarks, WINGROU continuously invests in research, engineering and development, resulting in innovative products and new solutions for the changing needs of industry.

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