Zurn Products Supplier In Dubai

At the turn of the twentieth century, John A. Zurn purchased a backwater valve patent from Erie City Iron Works. The product prevented storm and wastewater from flowing back into a building’s drainage system. Fast forward to now, our company spans nine locations, specializes in nine product divisions, and employs 400+ problem solvers.

It makes sense how we got from there to here when you fill in the defining moments. During World War II, we manufactured products to mobilize our country. In the 80s, we reimagined the restroom space with our fixtures and flush valves. Today, we’re connecting customers to product insights that will change the way they maintain their plumbing systems and improve efficiencies.

Every milestone took curious minds who considered the contractor, building owner, and/or end user. Our ideas keep our teams forging ahead and reinforce our company identity. From Zurn’s first pioneers to today’s engineers, our people continue to solve for other hard-working people through products.

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